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    Default Not a complaint but an observation

    Not a complaint, but an observation.
    1st let me just say I know the knicks are beating down these teams left and right and I am happy a win is a win.
    2 this is not a complaint something I'd just like to see more of.
    3 so all you simple minded people just relax...I'm not complaining I just think they'd be better, if the shooters had more looks and confidence.
    To me it is weird to see a PG, shoot 10 times more then the each the starting SG and SF.
    I'm not saying the PG can't shoot. but when you go 5-17, and your shooting guard goes 7-9 and SF goes 3-5...I think the ball should be spread a little more, be a more complete team.
    But the knicks are winning so who really cares. It's just something I'd like to see. I feel like gallo is an after thought in this offense. I'd liketo see him more involved. to get his confidence back...but I'd rather win and they're winning as long as felton and amare have good games.
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    Don't disagree.

    But pgs are bred differently as a whole these days.

    And raymondo is shooting the **** out of the ball. And still racking up assists.

    Plus Fields just isn't a high volume shooter.

    Forcing more shots to fields and Chandler seems unnecessary at this point.

    Fields is playin g like a roy, Chandler playing effectively, and Raymondo is prolly an allstar.

    What your saying I agree w 99%. But the 1% is why we'd want to try to force that change now.

    Our deficiencies and not being a contender now are really just needing more talent. A star upgrade and/or help our starting 5 slot.

    The team we have and the individual players are playing about as well or better than we could have hoped.

    And w/o azzy and Randolph contributing at all. Two guys many were counting to be like effective starters.

    I don't believe necessarily to not change what isn't broken. You always want to improve. Just be wary of changing that which is helping to make the thing not broken in the first place.

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    That was one bad shooting night for Felton. Stats can be decieving because you look at 7-9 and say wow Chandler was stroking but he only took about 5 jumpshots 2 3's he made and 1 midrange the other 4 where easy layups on the break. Also Gallo took more than 3-5 because he got to the line 8 times ( not including the tech ft) so thats about 4 more shots. However we all know if you get fouled it doesn't show up as a field goal attempt.
    While I agree with you some part you can't just look at the stats and say he should have spread the ball when he was if you watched the game and most of his shots were good looks. On a regular shooting night felton would have went 10-17 he just didn't have any legs under him and I saw that when he missed a layup off a great pick.
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    I like the way Felt is playing. it's not like he's shooting at bad times. He really only is taking his shots when we hit that dry spell when no one can buy a basket besides maybe Amare.

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