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I am seriously reconsidering if we even need Melo, if we get him what are we going to do score 145 pts a game.

Maybe we should look to go in the other direction, get a tough minded defensive shot blocking big and get our points allowed per game down.

Amare was asked what the team needed to do to keep the run going and he said "pick it up on the defensive end and not just during this tough stretch but through
out the season.

It would be nice if AR or the Gov could do it but AR has got it in his mind he's Nowitzki and not Shaq and the Gov is raw.

How quickly we forget how we bitched about the team taking too many 3s, they jacked 30 today and I think 30 the other day as well, as long as they make them they're good but as sure as it rained today they will stop falling again.
Exactly. This is a big reason why Walsh better treat DEN like a street ho' he might float a few bucks to.

We can likely get away with it. But a worst-case scenario is still a golden opportunity. Just a slightly lesser number of karat.

M.Gasol, Big Baby, Richardson, Mayo...All guys eminently available for us. Not to mention keeping every last asset we have and re-signing Chandler.

Chandler, M.Gasol, and a trade for Mayo or getting Big Baby could make us contenders next year anyways.