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WHAT A GAME!!! that was seriously the best game of the season so far and it should of been a WIN (check the thread called the (crazy) night that was)

D'ant doesn't think this is an elite team yet, but i think he's wrong. This team can compete with anyone in the league. Boston only escaped by the skin of their teeth on this one. I want to see more games against quality opponents and with miami and chiago coming up i'm expecting the knicks to bring their A game and find out where we really stand up aginst the best teams in the east.

Then we have a west coast swing against some very difficult teams. so this is getting into the hard part of the schedule and i'm hoping that the performance against the celtics carries us through the next little while and the players stay pumped.
We'll be alright. And you're right we can compete against the elite of the NBA. I think we can win our fair share against high-level comp.. The Celts are just absolute grizzled old champs. They're tough as nails. We still have a ways to go.. It's still early.

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This was a great game...we should of had the W though. Basically the only thing that separates us from these great teams is the intelligence and experience to finish teams off.

Also, i noticed that we were playing at their tempo most of the game. Thats something we can't do in future games.
It's difficult to get out on the Celts there transition D is superb. They're like the Spurs in this area.

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This game supports my argument to just wait for Melo next year if we have to. I don't want to give a Gallo or Chandler, or even Fields at this point.

Denver has no cards, I say call their bluff. Give them maybe Curry's contract and a low bench guy or two, or let them squirm.
I don't want to give up anybody either. I mean, Gallo looked awesome last night. Will too. Fields is so solid and reliable. I like all of these guys and they're playing well. We're a 5 or 6 seed right now. W Melo in a trade, if we lost a couple of the above guys, would we be much better?? Maybe but not by much, not totally sure..