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I like the idea. I liked Mayo since before he came into the league. Mayo is gunna have to mature a little first and become a lot better for us to even think about a championship anytime soon with our current roster.

Anthony Randolph should be enough for him, then again idk how much money OJ is making so there's probably gunna have to be some adding on.


Turiaf, Fields, Douglas, and Mozgov. It's really solid, but is it a contending team?
No, it isn't. We won't be able to contain or defend in the playoffs. Yes, I know D'Antoni doesn't know the meaning of the word defense but please find me a team that has won a ring in the past few years that has not been able to play exceptional defense. Not just let's flick a light switch on and then maybe everything will click. You see the team do it all season.