Da Thrill

These men make up the big 5. This starting roster in the NBA is the best so far from my assessment. No other team in NBA history has had such CHEMISTRY in such a short period of time from my knowledge.

Anyone who would be FOOLISH to break up this squad should be banned.

Heres some stone cold facts and stats.

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When the big 5 are on the court

14 Wins
3 Loses
82.3% Win Percentage
+75 +/- on the court

"Its just what we do"
You know whats a problem?
We're getting more fluid, more confident, more dynamic, more aggressive, more in control, more flexible and more impactful EACH game.

It could be a bad team, a medicore team, or an elite team like Boston, los cincos grande are always a problem and will always be a problem to deal with.

If you're not HYPED about this squad, then you have no pulse. on some Eddy Curry swag.