I dont want to be the one that sounds like a sore loser but is it me or was paul pierce untouchable the whole game,refs missed atleast 2 easy charges that wouldve been called on any other player and just down right crappy calls in the paint for PP

And the worst one was the game winner,i rewind it 4 times and it was an obvious push off,for arm was sticking out because in all honesty amare was shadowing pierce and all of a sudden pierce steps back and amare stops so suddenly,agh it was a missed call and another gripe is the shot clock, i believe there was .6 to .7 seconds on the clock and they missed it but hey you cant get every call but hope they dont do this for bosh,lebron,wade because we know how the refs always want their autographs,

good game by the knicks none the less but bad officiating and shot clock keeping at the worst possible moments