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    Ok so i was thinking after watching tonights game. Who would have thought Landry would have been starting at the 2 for this team? not me. Ok so now remember when Denver said we have no one to offer to them for Melo and Donnies response was that we do they just dont know yet.

    SO this is were my mind started going. I feel that Donnie got Landry into the starting 5 to showcase what he has before teams no what he can do to raise his stock for Melo. Landry has been playing extremely well, much higher than expected.

    I have a feeling that we want to hold onto Nillo and Will and more Landry while his value is as high as it is.


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    Landry is the only man for the job in the starting SG spot.

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    Everyone keeps saying Denver would want Fields, but I think Gallo or Wil should be more appealing to Denver because they have Affalo...If your giving up Melo don't you need a SF?

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    I think Wilson Chandler would have the least value of the 3 because he is the only one that is an unrestricted FA at the end of the year.

    From Denver's perspective, which would you rather have?

    a)Keep Carmelo Anthony for the rest of the 2010/2011 season, then sign Chandler in the off season.

    b)Trade Carmelo now for a package deal centered around Wilson Chandler. Resign Chandler in the off season.

    Option A makes the most sense.

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    Denver has no interest in trading with the Knicks. Its either Melo decides to accept a trade to another team (don't think this will happen), Denver finally gives in and get something for Melo from the Knicks (if this happens will be very near trade deadline), or Melo plays the season with the Nuggets and sign with the Knicks (this is if he doesn't stay in Denver or pull a Lebron).

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