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    Default Amare still outplays Bosh on a bad day!

    The whole time the game was on last night they kept talking about "what a good game Bosh was having" and how the Heat really "shut down" Amare

    Yet peep the Box Score

    Bosh 26 pts 7 rebs (matched up against Gallo and Wilson most of the night)

    Amare 24 pts 12 rebs 2 blks (doubled and trippled, not to mention and not to mention a very unlike him performance from the line)

    again it is considered a good game for Bosh and a bad one for Amare!

    Good thing these clowns conspired to be with each other because had Riley actully used some basketball sense and had taken the better player we would be stuck with just Bosh!

    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    yeah i peeped that 2

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    well it dont really matter stoudemire was off but Kobe Bryant has off days, so did Mgay Jordan.

    Bosh was more efficient, I do think it hurt us having to play Chandler out of position last night, we can get away with it against some teams but not all teams.

    The Knicks just gotta forget about last night and be ready to beat an easy team

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