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    Default New York Knicks @ Cleveland Faggitiers Game Thread

    New York Knicks @ Cleveland Faggs

    Tonight @ 7:30PM ET

    Without Lebron, my plans were to root for the Cavs and hope that they sneak into the 8th spot to make him look bad. I've always hated the Cavs, but I did like Big Z and Delonte.

    As time has gone by I realize that I still hate the Cavs and they have possibly the most childish fans. So I put together these pics just for the Cavs fans. Hopefully some of those faggits are lurkin here similar to the way we had houston fans reading our posts earlier in the seasons. If there still reading my posts, all u faggits can eat a dikk. And same goes for these Cavs fans and Scumtics fans.

    Lets not get it twisted, F*ck lebron too. I could care less about his decision, i dont blame him for not wanting to play in front of the least intelligent sports fans.

    NEW YORK KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!

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