Its irrelevant what you call unwise in this instance concerning any JW, because u have no Idea what its like to be one. It is in fact the toughest thing in this world to be, since Satans world is designed to work against all God deems righteous. King David had a womans husband killed so he would not find out he was not only sleeping with her, but got her pregnant. Yet he is still revered as a righteous man. So if a person does wrong, but turns back, God accepts them back, as do we as his brothers.

No one ever said JW were perfect people.

Jesus is only your teacher if you are a follower of Christ. Christ served Jehovah God. You do not. End of story.

I do believe that verse speaking of "your father" refers to Satan being their father, since they lacked the truth. But to be sure, I ask u cite the verse u quoted, pls.

When Jehovah formed the Jews, he made a specific group of people to be in charge of teaching the law. When jesus came he taught, and corrected previous false ideas so that his disciples would have accurate knowledge of God, and his son. Also, he has a people out of the earth for a reason. We are his witnesses that he is God. He never intended for people to search alone for him. You, by doing so, are ignoring his loving provision. This is why you lack accurate knowledge of the bible.

How could u expect Jehovah to grant u accurate knowledge of his word, when u ignore him? He said he would have a people in the time of the end. People that lived to worship him. Yet you stand there in opposition of him, sayin you are better off alone and away from him and his people.

Biblically speaking, you are not equipped to properly serve God acceptably on your own. He has order. He plans to rid the earth of wickedness, while preserving righteousness. Righteous ones serve God on his terms. Righteous ones preach the good news of the kingdom. Last I checked only one group of people do this, while acknowledging Jehovah as their God.