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The bible can't even agree whether or not there were witnesses. Each book has a different account. Who was there, how many people, if the tomb was empty, the time of day, etc. You would think there would have been some consistency with the most important day in christianity. Can't even get that straight.

If the book was to lead people to god, wouldn't giving false information make it seem less credible? Give something not known at the time that would have helped people would have brought more people to god than perpetuating ignorance.

For example, telling people disease is from tiny creatures too small to see (bacteria) instead of saying disease comes from demons, as Jesus did, and just giving simple information about washing hands and sterilizing could prevent diseases from spreading.

Doing this could have saved millions of lives at the time and advanced human knowledge by generations. Spreading knowledge that would have actually helped human society instead of perpetuating ignorance and easily avoidable death.

Wouldn't doing this have been more convincing to not only people at that time, but also people of today, and have been more successful at bringing them to god? Much more convicing than stories of miracles that every human invented god known to man had performed.

Giving knowledge that helped humans instead of spreading ignorance that hurt people would have brought more people to god. And if the bible's purpose was to bring people to god, then it f*cked up big time in that department. I don't know, you would think god would have seen this. Being all knowing, all seeing and all powerful.

Jesus calling disease demons, and whales fish, and talking about a man living inside a fish, or Noah's Arc just proves he was nothing more than a human being living 2000 years ago. Nothing more.
Im not speaking of the tomb raising. Im speaking of him taking human form of dif people. For instance, once he appeared as a farmer. Then to thomas he appeared as himself with the piercings, because he said he would not believe otherwise. What human could do that?

God gave hygiene instructions to the isrealites in leviticus. Long before Jesus. The deseases u speak of must have been invoked by demonic possession or some sort for Jesus to say such. Please site the scripture.

Bottom line is, the bible is not a science book. So u looking for it to lead u down that path is like me trying to find Jehovah in science weekly.