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Even with Melo, the Nets won't be better than us.

Any team that goes all in to "rent" Melo 1) is dumb if they don't win it all 2) will only be helping us out by allowing us to sign as a FA

This deal doesn't happen imo.

We wil get him if he is moved. No worries.

Plus when u think about it, no team that Melo realistically can go to will be better than the team he is on. And we are better especially if we add size. That said, Melo should know we are a few players from making a run. He can roll with us or get rolled over.

Our priority still is in the size dept., without that Melo won't matter.
Agree and if the Nets get and keep Melo there are other options. Plan B the way I see it is Iggy and a Center hopefully Gasol.