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    Rookie of the Year: Ronronina by default. There were so many new posters, but he seemed to be the one who posted the most.
    Best comedic performance: Metrocard: His posts keep me laughing, especially when he's ethering other posters.
    Villain of the Year: Metrocard I like metrocard's posts, but a lot of people seem to feud with him.
    Tyson Award: ABCD: Even when I make a controversial post, a lot of truth seems to come out of it.
    Controversial: Kiyaman: When I first saw Kiyaman's posts, I thought he was crazy. But what was even more insane was the fact that most of his posts actually come true. Kiyaman's a top 10 poster on KO.
    Best name: KingStarbury3: That name is a symbol of all the feuds between Team Starbury and Team Haterbury.
    Worst name: Ronronina: That name is strange, but I don't have anything against the poster.
    RZA Award: Kiyaman: His posts are very informative, and even though he has some borderline illuminati conspiracy theories, he's on point like Steve Nash for the most part.
    Carpenter Award: Crazy8s: He makes a lot of good game threads.
    Feud of the Year: ABCD VS. TR1LL0N That was a funny feud. I like entertaining myself and other posters with these kind of back and forth debates. When I look back at my feuds, I just laugh, cause it's funny. Nothing personal, though.
    MVP Award: This one is tough. I'm going to give it to Kiyaman, but there's a lot of other good candidates out there(Metrocard, Red, etc).
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    Jeremon Linbury

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