Tried to keep it one vote/category per person and did not elect to vote for myself

Rookie of the year
- Don't know, don't pay attention to who joins when...I'll vote for KnicksWillRiseAgain

Best Comedic Performance
- KingStarbury

Villian of the year - jimkcchief

Tyson award - TR1LL1ON

Most Controversial
- Kiyaman

Best Mod - Knicks15

Best Name - ISayUghh I think is funny...

Worst Name - quiggle

RZA Award
- LJ4PtPlay (for his expertise in the cap situation which was so important this summer)

Thread topic of the year - Too many good ones to list...I'll abstain

Carpenter Award - Crazy8s

Feud of the year
- Metrocard v. JimKC

MVP - metrocard