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Didn't Stat have a monster season at the 4 alongside Robin Lopez?
STAT's productivity numbers have always been higher as a 5. STAT's offensive numbers went down behind SHAQ and Lopez. STAT's effectiveness is higher when he is the 5 because 98% of the centers in the league can not guard him. He is not a good defender at all so whether he is at the 4 or 5 is irrelevant on the defensive side since he doesn't body up his man. He is a great rebounder and shot blocker but not a great defender. When he is at the 4, his man takes him off the dribble where at the 5 he is always a step quicker that who he is guarding with the exception of 2 or 3 centers (Howard as 1 example). Also, when at the 5 he forces his man to leave the paint to guard him so that causes defensive mis-matches and forces the other team to double outside the paint.