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    Originally Posted by mafra
    MAN, how good could this starting 5 be:

    Chandler or Gallo

    Fields. Turiaf. Williams
    That would be fine w me

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    Originally Posted by TR1LL10N
    I've liked your posts so far but this one I believe is really flawed. First off you contradict yourself talking about the difference between size and defense and in the next sentence call Varejao undersized. The guy is a tenacious defender with quick feet, long arms, heart and hustle. He is a strong rebounder and will run the floor nicely in our system. He fills a big need and is one of the best BIGS possibly attainable. If we can get the guy for minimal loss we need to snatch him up. He is a guy you want to go to war with in the trenches come playoff time.

    Another flaw in your post is asserting that picking up Varejao and a backup PG equals Cleveland 2.0. Filling needs with role players won't effect our core identity other than possibly making us more defensive.

    Your point about Philly is noted and I could see them holding on trying to make a run but do they really think they are winning a chip? I doubt it so I think they would love to unload Iggy's contract and take back a player like Chandler for the rest of the year. After this season they would have options while not sacrificing much this season considering the way Chandler has been playing. Just my two cents.
    what I meant in that sentence was sarcasm towards many of the posters who really can't tell the difference.Some would say we need size but that doesn't mean your a better defensive team does it?
    I know Varejao gives straight heart out there on D,dudes a warrior, but that goes into what I meant about Size and Defense. Dudes gotta know the difference.

    The Cleveland 2.0 reference was about no other clear cut player being a number 2.Now if Gallo suddenly became consistent or Chandler could get easier buckets then I'd take that statement back. But, as of now it's not the case and it's a superstar surrounded by role players who are maxed out by the system and playing alongside a great player.

    I hear you about Philly,but when it comes to $ you just never know with management. They could see the fan base loosing alot interest by trading their best player also the chance at missing extra ticket sales if they keep winning and make the postseason. I do think they'll wait until almost the deadline to re evaluate where the team is at.

    IMO though Brand is by far the worst contract on their roster and I'd figure they'd try to rid themselves of him someway.They actually become theirselfs playing uptempo w/o Brand on the floor and look legit.
    Maybe they can throw in Lou Williams and a 1st rounder and hopefully some sucker takes him?? IDK. Houston took JJ last year and it cost us a 1st rounder,so it's not out of the realm of possiblity.Or so I would think

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