^^^^ Indeed that **** x1000.

A merry Xmas to all KO broheems! Real tight win by our Knicks. Pretty much every starter impressed. Today was the day I officially got my woman to be a NYK fan, too. She thinks STAT deserves Kim Kardashian.

Great game thread, and CoolClyde's Herman Munster pic comparison is sig worthy.

Gallo -- efficient low volume shooting and solid D. Most impressive? A few of his slashes that were prolly the most aggressive/creative I've seen all season. He didn't finish on them all (Kurt T actually guarded them nicely, and they were very difficult plays to create), but this an impressive game. His performance was "20ppg esque", and if he can make his 15pt games games like THIS....Hallejula.

STAT brought the usual Christmas cheer by making those Chicago jibronies NY's bitches.

Felton and Chandler and Fields -- typically effective and versatile.

Douglas played real nicely, too. He made a vintage D-Rose type drive and inside finish at one point that shows why you wanna try to keep him.