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although the bulls couldn't buy a basket we still played really good D. i love the way weve played on that end the past 2 games. STAT 6 BLOCKS beast!!. were showing that we could play D AND still play our style on the offensive end. thats what i like to see. hopefully we could continue to play at this level. i swear we get better by the game.

Fields is becoming one of my favorite players, we better not trade him or else ima be tight!

merry christmas people enjoy, up next? beat the heat
Yes, That is what I was thinking about "The heat"...I Haven't Stop thinking about them since that embarassing 2nd half we gave them. And lebron laughing his was to a triple double. The knicks have to show up..Heck I don't even care if they lose to the magic if they win against The heat..well actually I do. But I just don't like the heat..