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    Angry The reason why Dantoni is still coaching the Knicks.

    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    I would definitely support the firing of Mike D'Antoni, but our management and owner wouldn't and that's all that matters!

    I think that Dolan wants high scoring run and gun basketball, because it's easier to sell than low scoring affairs night in / night out.

    (I disagree though, I love it when they play tough defense. I hate games without defensive intensity, but that's irrelevant).

    Half the roster consists of D'Antoni players (STAT, Gallo, Felton, Rautins) that wouldn't be that effective in a defensive system. STAT has tons of skills, but he doesn't like defense no matter who the coach is. Gallo needs his rushed 3 pointers to stay in rhythm plus his defence is mediocre at best. Felton posted average numbers under Larry Brown and simply isn't that great of a passer to feed his teammates in the half court. Rautins is a pure shooter who wouldn't be in the NBA if it wasn't for D'Antoni.

    So what to do with these guys under a defensive minded coach?

    But as I said this is only wishful thinking by the author, James Dolan won't fire D'Antoni. Ad even IF, the replacement would surely be Isiah...and that means total annihilation
    Dolan mind is only on the financial page of the top newspapers in the country. If Dantoni's name is not on the financial page Dolan could care less.
    Donnie Walsh was put incharge of a losing decade Knick-team that average 19+ thousand fans in attendance every game in MSG.
    Get it Right: Clueless Isiah Thomas bringing in so-call star players each season made financial owner James Dolan happy with the 19+ thousand fans attending Knicks game in MSG.
    Donnie Walsh knows making Herb Williams the interim headcoach would practically win double the games of celebrity coach Mike Dantoni throughout last two seasons.... but New Yorkers are always looking for a "celebrity-star" to conversate about on their way to MSG. New Yorkers has been this way since the Knicks traded for "Earl the Pearl Monroe" to Bernard King 50 points, to Patrick Ewing promising a Championship, to the two years of sell-out crowds in MSG to see the 20-8 "Starbury". Walsh is afraid to FIRE bum celebrity coach Dantoni when attendance is looking good in MSG.
    So many Knick-Fans are living off of what Dantoni did in Phoenix.... when u listen to any and every conversation concerning Mike Dantoni it always reflect on his tour with the Phoenix Suns...

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    [SIZE="4"]After tonights coaching debacle I decided to bump this thread. Now we have another 7 footer that appears to be in the doghouse. I guess hometheaterguy, Isaiah and Ron think he sukks too.

    I would research and post some STATS for AR & MOZ, but whats the point. All you MOA lovers have been proven wrong. Accurately I might add.

    How about your boy MDA turning Jorts into a 3 point shooter? LUDICROUS.

    How about MOA having the "arguably" best front court in the league and not being able to win? INCREDIBLE.

    I told you guys this coach will NEVER HAVE HIS PERFECT TEAM. Without it he cant win. LIMITED.

    Admit this coach is a joke and needs to be fired ASAP. It may get some of you your credibility back...[/SIZE]

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