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    Good win for the Knicks. Only a game and a half behind the Hawks now.

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    I'd love Collison as a back-up, but he's proving he's a starter. Did a great job last season too.

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    Default Hurt Gallipini

    sorry to see Gallopony go down, but perhaps this will be a blessing in disguise, forcing Antoni to open up the bench. if Knicks start winning with the Godson out, maybe he'll be forced to the bench/doghouse... nah, won't happen. let's just hope he comes back stronger than all.

    once again, Tuffiaf and Tony Chill were difference makers, when these guys have a good game, Knicks win. although we were outrebounded (esp on offensive boards), the blocking by Boney and assist/scoring by TD were key factors to win.

    off game for Chandler, except for that AMAZING half court shot. yet he shut down Granger in 2nd half and was clutch when we needed him. broadcasters played up Weedson's contributions at start of game. will knicks be able to hold onto will after all is said and done? doubt it. either thru trade or just not wanting to pay him what he's worth (ie: DLEE), i'd say he's gone by next year, the latest. shame.

    great 4th Q for STUD, making his presence known and shown.

    Bill Walker? whodat? what's up with this invisible man? i'd rather see AR get his minutes, just to showcase him, get some rebounds, blocks, etc.

    Shawnee Williams getting minutes, making contributions.

    sometimes I think Antoni doesn't know what he's got, until he's forced into playing someone, and then being surprised when they show they're professional, talented players. this roster has got to expand sooner than later. with gallo out, who's got the confidence to take over his 40+ mpg?
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    clutch game for the 'bockers.
    go knicks! go tehmeena!

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    The knicks play this game like a trap game. Sleeping on these teams we are suppose to beat is very dangerous. Its a good thing Gallo, Turiauf and Dougie didn't decide to take the day off too. Good game guys...I sure hope our starters aren't winded yet. We have a whole lot of balling to go...

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