While i doubt there will be many upward trades for us..... i think there will be minor more lateral moves like this....

Memphis as we all know would luv to resign Gasol.. and we aint getting him.. they will look to save money and are not going to resign Zach.

they are currently 10th in the west 3 games out of the 8th and if they fall further down or remain where they are at by the trade deadline..they will make moves for the future

tony allen plays good defense and can play some point and has 3 years left on his contract for about 3mil per

how this breaks down

Zach 17.3 mil
Allen 3 mil

Curry 11.3 mil
Azzy 3.4 mil
AR 2.9 mil

This will save Memphis about 3 mil and if Azzy doesnt come back and insurance picks up the majority of his contract....

Memphis can save about 5 mil which they can put toward Gasol's new contract

We will gain a low post threat and rebounder with a mid range jumper..

I'm not saying start him alongside Amare which im sure O'antoni would do...but he will help out the bench when Amare sits..and our coach doesnt like much convential bigs

I know most of you guys dont like Zach.. or thinks he is a ball hog.. but I think he can buy into the system now that it has some structure to it and im sure Amare willl make sure he stays in line

If we can squeeze a pick out of this.. even if its a second rounder.. i think this trade makes us much better for this year while maintaing cap flexability and improved defense and rebounding...