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    Default The next ten games arent as hard as we all think.

    Everyone keeps bitching and moaning about the next ten games but if you look at it, its no where near as bad as our first stretch where we played Miami, Boston and OKC.

    @Suns: The Suns SUCK. Nash has no Offensive Weapons. the only problem is they can also work in a fast paced game. I think we will win this one though.

    @Lakers This is a big one. The Lakers are sinking. Phil Jackson no longer gives a ****. We can win this game Easy if we

    Push the Tempo
    Amare locks down gasol
    and Kobe has a bad game

    @Portland I think this one is 50-50 much like the LA game. I think they have alot of size like LA and thats something we DONT have. I wouldnt be suprised if we lost but also if we won.

    @Utah: Well were screwed here. Unless Felton Amare and Will all have big games like last night.

    VSKings We got this. They Suck. There 2 lottery picks away from being decent.

    VSPhionex: alot of this game really depends on how the first game goes. If we beat Phionex at home, look for them to win here. If we lose look for us to win here

    @Houston: Easy Win.

    @San Antonio: Loss. The Spurs are gone be PISSED after last night.

    @OKC: Loss. We raped them last time we played and there gona be Mad as hell. We might win if Durant or Westbrook is out though.

    @Washington: Easy win.

    I say we go 6-4 or 5-5. Not to bad for a team that was supposed to be the 8th seed.

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    The Portland game will be easy, Roy is Mcgrady status at this point....probably even worse, tmac almost had a triple double the other night. Roy has that knee injury that might eventually force him to sit out the rest of the year. Either way they dont think he'll ever be the same player again. It was all good just a week ago

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    Keep in mind if our shots aren't falling none of those games are gimmies. Though they are not to begin with.

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    I think we are starting to see where we are. WE can't beat the HEAT. Should had beaten Boston both times we played, especially the last game. We had no answer to Dwight, so Orlando is going to beat us till we get a awesome defensive center, like Cleveland's guy on speed. WE will beat Phoenix and will at least play .500 ball aginst these good teams, mostly on the road. I think we will lose to the Lakers though, as they have a few bigs, that we don't match well with. And then there's Artest who will limit Amar'e to 24 points. I'm feeling better about the team though. With a little luck when the playoffs start, maybe our 3-4 nemisis teams will get eliminated.....It would be amazing if we won this year

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    houston isn't really an easy win. they're pretty decent now & they beat us at home earlier this season lol

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