I actually heard rumblings about this while leaving the Garden (granted folks were still on a high from beating the Spurs) but people were saying that they liked the starting 5 they saw out there.

Why wouldn't Gallo be better suited in a scoring 6th man role? If he's as dangerous an offensive player as some of you believe him to be (while looking past his limitations because the Knicks marketing department tell you that he is the next big thing) then why not use that firepower off of the bench to go against the second unit of opposing teams?

If our starters are giving it to the opposing starting 5, and then Gallo & Co. are giving it to the second unit, that's a balanced attack over 48 mins. What's the opposition to this? Hurt feelings cause Daniloooooooooooooooooooooo Gaaaaaalllllllllliiinnaaaaaaarrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii needs to be a starter? Why?

I say do what's best for the team, and let's put hurt feelings aside. The coaching staff still has a few more games to make these evaluations but it's more than a fair question. He could be to us what Ja. Crawford and Jet Terry are to their teams. You already have to deal with the starters, and then when they catch a breather, here comes the second unit to drop more buckets.