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We beat the Spurs without Melo, we must be better without Melo.

Dallas is winning without Dirk, they must be better without him.

Knick fans overreact over everything. Sometimes they are the best fans but sometimes they are the worst.
Winning is not the metric that must be used to determine whether we are better with or without a player so your logic is a little loose and simplistic. The question is are we better without Gallo? (as in do we play better?) While it is certainly to early to say one way or the other, We did not miss Gallo against the Spurs as we scored 128 points against a reasonable defensive team and our defense and rebounding was better.

Many on ere including myself have been saying that Gallo is expendable for months now as e does not provide us with what we need which is defense and rebounding. Between Amar'e, Felton and Chandler we can score all day and Gallo's value is severely diminished. Gallo is basically Matt Bonner of the Knicks right now, His role is easily filled by Shawne Williams or Bill Walker. So looking forward it might be better to trade Gallo or make him part of the our shallow second unit.