So when we played the Pacers and won the game and Gallo was having a very good game driving the lane, shooting and drawing fouls and Chandler was his often quiet and inconsistent self, does that mean Gallo is better than Chandler? Or the many clutch plays/shots Gallo had earlier in the season during the winning streak and Chandler was quiet, does that make Gallo better than Chandler?

This back and forth between fan favorites is getting ridiculous. The differnce is the fans that like Gallo and know he is a valuable piece to this team don't make threads about how awful the other players are. It seems the Gallo haters look for any chance they can to make a thread about how terrible Gallo is. They are loud when Gallo has a poor game and quiet when Gallo has a good game.

Gallo has been instrumental in many of our wins this year. Probably more than Chandler, individually. Yet I don't start threads about how we should get rid of Chandler. No. Chandler has been playing great lately. I acknowledge that. I like Chandler. I like this TEAM.

How about just watching the damn games and rooting for the team instead of trying to prove a point on an internet forum so you can stroke your childish ego about needing to feel like you were right? The next time Chandler has a bad game and Gallo has a good game and played a crucial role in winning a game, I won't start a thread about how we should get rid of Chandler. SMH.