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Or maybe, just maybe, it's because Raymond Felton has been playing like ass ever since early January. He's been taking way too many shots, not hitting anywhere near close to enough of them to be taking that many, and turning the ball over, and playing terrible defense.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's because D'Antoni used an 8-man rotation for the better part of the year, pushing Felton and Amar'e for 40 minutes on a regular basis in a high-octane offense that wears out the team.

Or maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that our lack of rebounding is finally showing its ugly head because we're not shooting the ball lights-out anymore, couple that with our suspect defense...

Or maybe, just maybe, it's because the Felton-Amar'e duo is getting more feared by the league and the league is thus learning how to defend against them.

Or maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that Wilson Chandler and Toney Douglas have been shooting the ball worse than Helen Keller since the beginning of January.



Nah you're right it's totally Gallo and his 18.2 PPG on 11 FGA in Jan. or his 19 PPG on 11.3 FGA in Feb., that's gotta be it.
Damn, and I'm sensitive? It was just an observation buddy. And really I agree with some of your theories.

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Losing is a collective effort.

I'm not going to be ignorant and say that Gallinari has been perfect or has not factored into our loss (because, if he were a better defender, maybe that would've helped us too).

But to say the loss hedges on him and only him when he's contributing from an offensive standpoint would be silly. There are dozens of reasons why teams lose games, to blame them all on a single player would be silly.

It'd be like me blaming Raymond Felton for all of the recent losses. Yes, he hasn't played well, but our team hasn't rebounded well either, nor has our team played anywhere close to effective defense. Defense is a team effort, winning is a team effort, and losing is a team lack of effort.
Yep losing is a collective effort.

Trill, Black, and Ugggg got it down pat.

Yo you guys got me really laughing at y'all. Thank you. So obvious, so smart, yet have no clue you're the class clowns.

At leats trill admitted his love for mda has its limits.