<center>2011 SPRITE SLAM DUNK COMPETITORS</center> <table class="cnnTM" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" width="100%"><tbody><tr class="cnnIEHdrRowBG"> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">Participant</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">Team</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">Pos.</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">Ht.</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">Wt.</td> </tr> <tr class="cnnIERowAltBG"> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Blake Griffin</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">L.A. Clippers</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">F</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">6-10</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">251</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Brandon Jennings</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">Milwaukee</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">G</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">6-1</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">169</td> </tr> <tr class="cnnIERowAltBG"> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Serge Ibaka</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">Oklahoma City</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">F-C</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">6-10</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">235</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">JaVale McGee</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">Washington</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">C</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">7-0</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">252</td></tr></tbody></table>
This Dunk Contest is going to be weak, the only participant that is going to be worth watching is Blake Griffin. Mcgee and Ibaka, come on they couldn't find anyone better. What about Demar Derozan or Rusell Westbrook?

I thought it was great watching Nate Robinson, and I was also thinking why can't Wilson Chandler enter. Wilson Chandler has some hops and I know for a fact his dunks would look better than McGee.