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    Default Is Gallo Expendable?

    With the recent emergence of Wilson Chandler as the best SF/PF on the team, does Gallo even have any business being in the starting lineup? While i have been hard on him in the past, I don't think hes not good enough to be a starter but rather I just don't see him being the right fit for us right now.

    The Knicks have proven they have plenty of players who can score and shoot threes, so how valuable is Gallo to the team? Furthermore when we consider that we are a poor rebounding team and are in need of more size down low, Gallo's poor rebounding 4 per game pale in comparison to Wilson's and Field's 7 per game. By having Gallo on the floor we put everyone out of position and have been man-handled on the boards. Gallo goes down with and injury, in comes Turiaf and all of a sudden we have better defense and rebounding while barely giving up anything on offense. 128 points dropped on the Spurs.

    Gallo to me seems like a young version of Hedo Turkoglu. On the right team Gallo's playmaking ability can be much appreciated as his size and shooting can pose matchup problems. On the Knicks Felton and Amar'e Dominate the ball on the Pick N' Roll relegating Danilo to Matt Bonner duties which I feel he is not cut out for as Gallo is more of a rhythm player like Turkoglu who thrives with the ball in his hands not as a spot up shooter. Gallo is at his best getting to the basket and drawing fouls.

    Wilson and Fields rarely require the ball to make a play and are perfect compliments to STAT and Ray. Gallo on the other hand does not benefit from rolling to the basket off setting picks or sneaking in for much needed rebounds.

    On defense Gallo is not fast enough to guard conventional SFs and does not ave the strength to play post defense and bang down low with PFs. Ironically he played phenomenal defense on Lebron James who is kind of a PG trapped in Linebacker's body. Gallo is not a terrible defender but rather one that seems to be out of place at times.

    Stats are great and they have their purpose certainly. But I find the easiest way to evaluate a player is how mindful do you have to be of them when they are on the opposing team. What teams are thinking to themselves "how are we going to stop Gallo?" Gallo is not a force, his presence is rarely felt in a game, like David Lee he might put up decent numbers but nobody is scared to matchup against him. Gallo does not have the ability to dominate a game the way Wilson, STAT or Felton does. Gallo can erratically score but as I have explained he is not winning games with his rebounding or defense.

    While I try to foster as much debate as possible with my threads I am of the mind that Gallo is clearly expendable and is not what the Knicks need right now. I feel that trading Gallo for real needs such as size, defense and rebounding would better serve us than the skillset he currently has to offer.
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