While I totally dont hate O'antoni.. I am not of fan of his favortism of Gallo.

I think it comes down to a simple question..

Are we are gullable enough to think that....

....if Gallo wasnt his friends son (if not his own)

....if O'antnoi wasnt a hero in Italy

would he have been promoted for the All Star game
would he have been given such a long leash
would he still be in the staring lineup

facts show that if Gallo was some other pick in the 2008 and he wasn't connected to O'antoni.... he might not be a knick today

while i like gallo and would luv to keep him on the team... he is best suited off the bench.. and he is not better than chandler

its a shame how politics play out.. but we have to admit that its plays a major role in how gallo is viewed..

Dunlevey would do the same for his son
Allan Houston father did the same for his son

NOBODY can say that it doensnt have an impact on the way Gallo is treated.

....and thats just the facts