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im not saying play AR or anybody else.. im saying u cant sit here and say our coash doesnt favor gallo

why r u avoiding the question???

if u dont think its favoritism.. thats fine... but im not fooled

I guess a coach has their favorites.
Does he have a soft spot for Gallo no doubt.
But to say you think he would give up wins just to let Gallo play is just silly.

Do you not see that ?

Why did he bench Gallo so much in the first 10 games ?

Coach spoke of Randolph as a great athlete and addition to this team. He knows he ate his words by not letting him crack the rotation. Point is D'Antonio owns up to his mistakes

YET U choose to believe that if Coach had a choice to win or let Gallo play an extra 10 minutes he would chose Gallo...come on ?????