Did Felton really successfully wrestle and defeat a crocodile? With him, i would believe it. I do believe what you said about his balls being very big. Even if i was about his size i wouldnt wanna **** with him. No point guards wanna **** with him these days

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Not to be negative, but i think they have us with their size (Odom, Gasol, Bynum) I think if we can beat these guys, then we are on track to do some damage this year
I agree, if only Bynum was still hurt....But i want him healthy. I want the Lakers to take out either the Heat or Celtics, whoever makes it from the east. And then next year, its our turn. This just the preview, we'll **** around and go to the 2nd round this year. But next year the Scumtics will be too old and we'll be even more improved