According to Rotoworld:

Trade talks involving Carmelo Anthony have rapidly escalated between interested parties and a deal is possible "in the next 48 hours".

According to sources, the key players have been discussed and all that remains is the financing. Of the key players mentioned thus far, the Nets would land Anthony, Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton, the Pistons would acquire Troy Murphy, and the Nuggets would end up with Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and two first round picks. In all this mega deal could exceed fifteen players. Hold onto your seats!

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THe Nets are moving closer to acquiring Carmelo Anthony in a blockbuster deal.

League sources said the Nets, Nuggets and Pistons are moving closer to reaching an agreement on a trade that could include 15-to-17 players, not including draft picks.

The Nets would get Anthony and Chauncey Billups from the Nuggets, and Richard Hamilton from the Pistons. In turn, the Nets would send Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and at least two first-round picks to Denver and Troy Murphy’s expiring contract to Detroit.

“It’s pretty close,” said one league source.

“Something could get done in the next 48 hours,” another NBA source said.
There are many other moving parts in order to make this deal work and the salaries match.

Anthony Morrow, Ben Uzoh and Stephen Graham also would go to the Nuggets, who would send veteran point guard Anthony Carter and Sheldon Williams to the Nets. Johan Petro originally was going to Detroit, but reportedly the Pistons don’t want his salary. If so, another team may be needed to get a deal done.

The Cavaliers and Wizards also have been involved in discussions with the Nets in Anthony talks.

Other names that have been mentioned in talks are Nets swingman Quinton Ross, Renaldo Balkman of Denver and Terrico White and DaJuan Summer.
The Nets won’t make the trade for Anthony unless he agrees to sign a three-year, $65 million extension.

Many have speculated Anthony didn’t want to play in Newark and preferred playing in New York for the Knicks. But the Nets have been proceeding as if he would play for them all along.

They are prepared to send principal owner Mikhail Prokhorov, part-owner Jay-Z and general manager Billy King to meet with Anthony if that was required. But that may not be needed.

No team has been more aggressive than the Nets in the Anthony sweepstakes. They are trying to markedly upgrade their roster to make the team more enticing to Anthony.

“If anybody can get this done, it’s Billy,” said another league source.
King, from his time with the Sixers, put together several three- and four-team deals. If King completes this trade it will put the Nets in good position to land Chris Paul within the next two years.

Paul, who is represented by the same agent and agency as Anthony, is a free agent after the 2012 season. But Paul could be dealt before then if he applies a similar tact as Anthony has in Denver.

The Nuggets were informed before the season that Anthony wanted out. They have been holding out for the best deal possible. It’s doubtful they’re going to get more in terms of young players, salary-cap flexibility and draft picks than from this deal.

Some thought it would drag on until the Feb. 24 trade deadline, but the Nuggets are ready to move because of what’s being offered and they’re tired of the season-long distraction.

The Pistons are involved because they’re about to be sold and want to save money. Hamilton makes $25 million over the next two years. Murphy’s contract expires after the season. If they agree to take on Petro, he would only cost them $6.75 million over the next two years.

I think this is complete bullsheetrock. ESPECIALLY since yesterday a real NYK reporter wrote the following: (I got this from

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The curiously public Carmelo trade talks

Saturday January 8, 2011 5:06 AM By [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

PHOENIX -- As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's usually fire. But sometimes that smoke is blown. Sometimes it's a smokescreen.

I'm not here to shoot down any reports. Fixer buddy Al Iannazzone has been dominating the Nets coverage of the Melopalooza for the Bergen Record [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Iannazzone cited sources that outlined another very complicated deal that would involve acquiring not just Carmelo, but Chauncey Billups from the Nuggets, as well as Richard Hamilton from the Pistons in a three-team deal that would result in first round picks going to Denver along with Devin Harris and rookie Derrick Favors.

All the national writers, from ESPN to Yahoo! Sports, confirmed the report with other details and updates, including a suggestion that it was nowhere near being close. Of course the most important piece of the trade is the least predictable: Carmelo has to agree to sign an extension with the Nets. So until then let's consider the result of the trade would create a starting lineup for the capped-out Nets as this: Billups, Hamilton, Anthony, Humphries and Lopez. Really?

But forget the end result, which, I'm told, is far from over, though the Nuggets are actively taking offers and considering all kinds of permutations to prepare for the impending Feb. 24 trade deadline. One of the most overlooked angles in this story needs to be addressed at this point, as the people I speak with about these things find one thing incredibly curious: so much information, detailed information, is being leaked out about these offers the Nets are putting together. That suggests the obvious: the Nets -- and likely the Nuggets -- want this information out there.

Well of course they do (though this isn't to suggest that Iannazzone is being "fed" anything. I respect his work too much to think that way). But there's no question the Nets are desperate to stay relevant and Carmelo offers the much-needed shot of adrenaline they need. The longer they remain an option, the more they remain relevant. There is a lot of season left and there are tickets to sell, not to mention tickets to sell in Brooklyn. Whether he eventually winds up with the Nets or not, Carmelo -- at least the hope for Carmelo -- is good for business.

But this really means more for the Nuggets, who know they can't wind up empty-handed like the Raptors, Cavaliers and Suns were last summer. We're seeing the results of that now with those franchises (though it seems Toronto is at least slightly ahead of the game with a decent young core that is, at least, competitive) and Denver doesn't want to go through similar misery in 2011-12.

Most deals of this magnitude, however, go mostly under the radar until the very last minute. These things are so complicated and delicate, teams don't want the details out in fear of ruining the deal or having another team jump in to make a better offer. Think of some of the biggest trades that have been made in recent history. How many of them went down after months of back-and-forth with details loaded into each report. OK, I'll give you the Kevin Garnett-to-the-Celtics one, but that one did also involve other teams. Still, this rarely, if ever, happens.

Josh Kroenke and Masai Ujiri would love to win the press conference battle on the day they do ship off their star player to another city. But, really, there is no victory speech for them, only a concession speech. Their star wanted to leave them. This wasn't a salary dump. This wasn't a divorce. This was something forced on them. But still they fear being criticized for not getting full value for a superstar player in his prime. Remember, this is the first rodeo for Kroenke and Ujiri and they're hanging on for dear life, running statistics and analytics on every scenario presented to them by teams such as the Nets and the Rockets.

Deep in the epicenter of the Nuggets' front offices, where they are pouring over the weak potential of the 2011 draft and trying to figure out how acquiring three first round picks will help them rebuild, they know Carmelo's heart is in Manhattan, not Brooklyn. It's no secret his main ambition is to get the $65M extension in a sign-and-trade with the Knicks just in time to hop aboard Amar'e Stoudemire's love train to the playoffs.

But before they are forced to concede, they'll force Carmelo to fire the first shot. So they'll make these trade proposals public to show the world just how much value they COULD HAVE gotten for their unsatisfied star. Then they can walk away from the press conference facing no criticism for taking less from the only team from which Carmelo would accept the extension.
"Hey, it's not our fault," they could then say. "We could have gotten a 19-year-old rookie in Derrick Favors and five first round picks. But Carmelo wouldn't sign the deal."

They can do this because they know the last thing Carmelo wants is to be the villain. He saw what happened to LeBron James in Cleveland and Carmelo doesn't want to see fans burning his jersey in the streets of Denver. He doesn't want to be booed when he goes to Newark and, eventually, Brooklyn.
But is that enough reason to agree to sign an extension to play with Chauncey, Rip and Kris Humphries?

The Knicks would still rather he sign nothing and rather the Nuggets talk themselves out of just dumping him off as a mercenary for a weaker offer from a team such as the Mavericks, who desperately need a swingman now that Caron Butler is done for the season. For the Knicks, the best case scenario has always been to sign Carmelo as a free agent, though, obviously, in the world of the new CBA, nobody knows when that will be, or at what price. One thing we do know, it'll likely be less than the $65 million he could get right now.

It's like Tommy Dee write (

"Amar’e is so much better on every level and more attractive to play with than [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] it’s almost sad. Lopez averages 6 rebounds per game and 1.6 blocks at 7’2. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] gives you the exact same at 6’8. Brook has had double figure rebounds TWICE this year. Imagine if he played here in Ewing’s shadow? But I guess in theory he can develop toughness down the road, but those numbers are not attractive to Anthony at all when you have Stoudemire hearing MVP chants at The World’s Most."

I think the Nets are desperate. They're trying to bully Carmelo right now, painting him as the bad guy if he leaves DEN and forces them to take a bad deal (from NYK) on top of skipping out of town.

If I was Carmelo, I would be irate that NJ is being so public with these negotiations. What would that tell you about that organization?

The Nuggets want the bestd eal they can get, so OF COURSE they want to deal with the Nets (plus they can stick it to Anthony and not allow him to go to NYK).

BUT, it's obvious, DEN is also trying to pressure Walsh into something foolish... Give up the house for a player he should be able to get at a reasonable price.

All in all, I'm cool. I really wanted this to happen, but I'm at the point.... If Melo is stupid enough to go and sign an extension and go to NJ... Good luck playing with Lopez and a bunch of 30+ yr-olds. Knicks will sign MArc Gasol, and swing a few deals. Knicks will be good no matter what.

If Melo isn't smart enough to see what the Knicks could be with him next year... Then who needs him right?

A lot of bluffing going on.