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100%! The Knicks need another big to flank Amare. Since Varejo is out for the season, I would look to Washington who is about to have a fire sale to see if we could land McGee or Blatche or even both.. I know Blatche still has 5 years left on his contract but he might be a good player to help STAT rest a little. Blatche can score and rebound so Amare could shave off some playing time during the season in order to rest those knees! McGee is a decent 5 ( a little bit of a project in my opinion) and could really add that length we need at the 5.
Smh. 100%... Yes, the nets just got us pegged bc they have a lumbering, lost, 7'2' C who has regressed monumentally, and is the worst rebounding big in the game.

You realize Amare is a C? An all star, mvp-like C?

And mcgee isn't being traded unless he **** slaps Blatche at a team meeting.

Getting a complimentary big isn't an issue. This off season along has many, let alone trades.

Either way, you and quiggle are absurd in thinking Nj has some prized asset and position of superiority bc " they have an actual C"