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I think his play as of late has to do with his situation in Philly more than he talent diminishing. We have seen this kind of thing time and time again when a player becomes unhappy with the his current team... We saw it with Carter, we saw it with Jason Richardson... These upper level talents seem to get rejuvenated when traded to a team of their better liking..... At least I hope with Iggy! I'm not saying that this Melo thing is a done deal but I think it has become increasing clearer that Denver does not want to trade with NY and unless the amazing Donnie Walsh can pull a rabbit out of his hat (or in our case multiple #1 draft picks); we just might see Melo in a Nets uniform along with Hamilton and Billups.... All of a sudden, NJ would be a contender! (Lopez, Melo, Harrington and Billups)... That's serious!
yo all you are stupid now this guy believs that they would be contenders 1st they gotta jell and thats gonna take a ......nva mind why I bother idk stfu with melo to Jersey if he goes than we know it was all about the Benjamins and you know what I rather have 30 million in the bank than a championship anyday bro Do you know what 30,000,000 USD is SON ????????