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Where or where do these people come from and why is our school systems failing them so miserably?
First, I understood a 1/4 of what you wrote
Second, it is all about the Benjamins with every player..... SON
Three, I really wish parents would control their 14 year old kids!
yall tight ass *****s supposed to be new yorkers raggin on a person because of grammer? lmao. you cant understand what he said because youre probably 40+. I dont care if he is a 5 year old posting, the fact is, he likes the knicks. This is a place for knick fans. If you already established the fact that homie is young, then why do you guys want to 'get at him'. Its like a 5 year old little girl stepping on my shoe, i look down, and see its a 5 year old, and i still freak out and yell at her. ***** was you bullied in schoool? and taking it out on younger folks on the internet? fuk outta here with that bs.

Its not all about the benjamins with every player, and since youre not a player, you cant tell me otherwise. and you are very ignorant for assuming he is 14. idiots.