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    Originally Posted by Knicksfansince92
    Ellis brings all the attention on offense that Melo brings he can score from all over the court and actually spreads the ball better than Melo. Some of you haven't seen Melo play only playoffs. Billups and Nene carry Melo year in and year out so far to the playoffs. Melo scores that's it. We are already the highest scoring offense but one of the lower defense teams and your idea is to bring in more offense.

    Melo is sometimes a black hole on offense, Remember the Nuggets vs Knicks game how many times did Clyde say he ain't passing that up and Melo shot jumper after jumper. I even watched a few games on league pass this guy goes iso mode and keeps his head towards the rim no passes.

    Damn son I would love the Day people think for themselves and stop letting the media tell them what to think.

    We don't need no Melo. The crazy thing is a lot of people lobbying for Melo where saying Yellow Mellow and few months back. That sound familiar.

    Go check metro's old thread and you'll see. Damn everyone just follows what ever player espn says we need

    Yes your right I did call him Yellow Melo some months back. And I haven't been shy about pointing out his weaknesses. He aint my fav player, not even close. I haven't been shy bout that. But he would help us A LOT. I'm just trying to be rational. You should try it.

    It's not rational to say a scorer like Melo wouldn't help a team that likes to outscore people.. Our already prolificly effective scoring would reach uber effective status overnight almost. To me it's silly to deny that he wouldn't help us. Just like it's silly for you to think Ellis > Melo You just sound dumb.
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