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They would be a playoff team though, w the threat of attracting Paul down the road.

W Paul and a few minor additions that team could make a run.

I know you hate this Toons, but I still think we'd be a lot better w Paul than we are w Felton. Still think we could add him. Donnie's was smart to only sign Felt for 2 yrs.

W Paul, we'd be contenders RIGHT NOW. Sry for getting off topic.
the new jersey nets are maaaaybe the 8th seed with melo. the rest of their team is so horrible rono....thats all im saying. If the nets had melo now, the 2010 knicks could beat them with lee, chandler and gallo. we beat the nuggets, a better team, with lee chandler and gallo....all im sayin. that is not a playoff team.