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Honestly, I think Melo just wants to get paid, be traded to a decent team (not horrible) and pls his wife.

I think he wants to be done w all of this craziness.

Imo this deal w NJ wouldn't have gotten this far if Melo'a agents did not have consent from him.

Yes he wants to play for the Knicks.

Yes most of us want him to play for the Knicks.

But there are other very important factors at play. Namely, Melo's financial security and being on the east coast for his wife. Unfortunately for Knicks fans, I think playing for our team comes secondary to those things.

I don't know if I agree with all of this. Melo still has until Feb 24th to make his decision....so why would he choose to go to a depleted Nets team when we're no even close to January 24th yet?

His financial situation will not improve or worsen between now and the trade deadline, so why would he give in and go to a team that doesn't have Amar'e, a month and a half before the trade deadline? Sure NJ can still trade for him without an extension (which there is no indication that they will do so) but that would be even more foolish than this supposed, proposed, trade that was "real close" and "48 hours away" that is now looking to be pretty iffy at best.

Melo's been playing his cards the right way this entire time, I don't see why he would panic now and go to the Nets. It doesn't make sense under any circumstances.