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    Nyk Logo nah my dude..

    Originally Posted by nuckles2k2
    Yea...ASAP to Melo is this season while he and his Bird Rights can still be acquired by another team. And if it was all about the money then he accepts the trade and signs the extension for the Denver, NJ, Utah, Charlotte trade back before the season began, he also doesn't have a look of despair on his face when he's falsely told that's he traded to NJ by a reporter back in December.

    I get what you're saying and you would totally be right....if everything that Melo has done since June says you're wrong.

    The Carmelo Anthony market isn't gonna simply dry up and cease to exist after the second week of January, so the whole "he wants to move ASAP" argument really doesn't mean anything. His concern is his Bird Rights which allows the extension for either his current team or the one he's traded to, to exceed the cap to extend his contract....he has 44 days to wait this out and see if he can get what he wants...I'm not saying it will go the full 44, but I don't see him going to the Nets now, if at all.

    You don't play your cards as intelligently as he has since June when the extension was offered, only to follow Ronorania's thought process in early January.
    Melo is a man caught in the in the middle of a potential sh*t storm, w a clear path out of it --NJ. Lebron got destroyed by the same type of storm. So did Cleveland. I think both parties in this new deal are looking for the easier, softer way out of the collective muck.

    Melo hasn't done anything but tried not to become the villain. He's been saying all the right things.

    Did you read my post. What about his wife and her wanting to move to the east coast? That doesn't factor in at all in your mind huh? Don't you know how influential wives can be?? Be objective Knuckles.

    Okay so he doesn't want to play for Denver and he wants to come to the Knicks. Great. But to get here he might have to wait til the season ends to sign. But the new CBA might fack up his money then. That's gotta weigh heavy on his mind dontcha think?

    Also, I don't see Denver trading w us to get him as they've already devalued our talent. They've basically said, "we don't want what you have" and then proceeded, it seems, to ignore Donnie's calls. It doesn't seem like Denver wants to deal w us. You think they then would turn around if Melo refuses a trade to NJ and take what they've clearly stated they don't like and don't want??

    To top it off, if Melo refuses a trade he looks bad. HE THEN LOOKS LIKE THE GUY WHO WON'T TAKE MILLIONS FROM DENVER, but then can't be satisfied w a deal to NJ for millions -- a premadona they'd call him.. People would call him Melodona, Melodrama, lol.

    Or the easier, softer way; he could just sign w NJ, a playoff team and burgeoning contender w him, and agree to sign an extension before the the threat of said CBA. He then kills two birds w one stone-- NJ. He satisfies his wife's and his need to get out of Denver AND he'd get what he's worth now before the new CBA changes what he's worth.

    Granted, this is my own logical synopsis of what I see happening. I may be completely wrong. And, I would love to have Melo on the Knicks. I've really warmed up to the idea over the last few months frankly. But real world factors play a part and I'm not going to be so diluted as to think it will be a cake walk for him to land at MSG. If he refuses to sign w NJ, it would be f-ing difficult and would start the aforementioned sh*tstorm IMO. Real talk.
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    Stan Kronke is a sob. That is the bottom line. He is an arrogant sob whose pride won't let a player get the kind of power to say I want this and then make it happen.

    This is why we don't have a chance unless Melo comes in the summer.

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    I'd love for them to be forced to keep Melo for the rest of the season because they're ****ing stupid.

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