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If the Knicks are given an opportunity by Denver to come up with their best offer for Carmelo then the question remains what do we give up.....

I am sure Denver will ask for Chandler, Fields and a first rounder ( which we can trade randolph for I would imagine ) and Curry's expiring contract,,,,

Now the question is would we be better with Carmelo or Chandler and Fields.
It may even take more then that and we may have to take back Harrington. Denver does not want him or his contract anymore.

Even though I am not a fan of Melo coming here (from my numerous anti-Melo posts), from a the best non-biased answer I can make:

If I were Donnie Walsh, you make the trade.

If I were me (and I am!), Melo, Leon, and the Nuggets can kiss it.