Has Carmelo Signed Off?: The Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets were still working on a massive 15-player trade that would land Denver All-Star Carmelo Anthony in New Jersey.
However [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is reporting that sources close to Anthony are saying that Carmelo has told no one that he'd sign a contract extension and that may be holding up a deal.
"He has not agreed to go to New Jersey," said the source, who speaks regularly with Anthony. "I have never heard him, in all the times we've talked, say he's willing to go to New Jersey. Not once. Personally, I would be stunned if he went there and signed an extension."
According to Broussard, the Nuggets have granted New Jersey permission to meet with Anthony, but a face-to-face meeting has not taken place.
Sources near the Nets' side of things [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], that they had enough assurances on an extension to move forward with the proposed trade, saying they "heard it from the horse's mouth" that Melo would sign a three-year $65 million deal after arriving in Jersey.
Broussard's source disagrees with that assessment saying Carmelo's agent Leon Rose is pushing Jersey:
"He [Rose] may want him to go there," one source said. "But Melo doesn't want to be in Jersey. He wants to play in New York."
Sources near Carmelo said recently that there is a growing rift between Carmelo and his personal advisors, and Leon Rose his agent.
Carmelo's personal advisors are upset with how much information is finding its way to the press, and how slowly this process is moving.
Those with knowledge of the agreement between Carmelo and Leon Rose, say Rose promised Melo he could get him to New York with a three year $65 million extension.
Carmelo's advisors are concerned about the damage this prolonged public process will have on Carmelo's endorsement power, and are worried that Carmelo will be villianized like LeBron James was for leaving Cleveland, which is why Carmelo continues to play things very quietly on his side.
Reports that Carmelo wouldn't sign an extension with anyone but the Knicks do line up with what Carmelo's advisors have said from the beginning.
New Jersey believes they have a commitment on an extension, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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