i think with our competitiveness and our ability to get notorious defensive teams to give up 115+ to us shows our ability as a team and what we really can do. we've gained a lot of respect around the league and teams no longer have an "off day" when they come to face us they have to be on point or they will be beat( a la, spurs, hornets, bulls, etc ) were building confidence with every win and every loss as well, when we lose we play well and in all our 20+ point losses you could see that at some point in the game we came back to make it a single digit game( bucks, lakers, ) which tells us something about our team. were fighters/warriors and when we do that we could beat anyone int he league. We continue our fighting ways we'll eventually have a 20+ point turnaround and win that game, its bound to happen, and it all starts with STAT. We all know he has the determination and his passion is there every game on the court guys see that and they have no other choice but to take on some of that. getting STAT is probably the best thing to ever happen to us and im grateful for it. we dangerous and were going places this year( playoffs;definitely- ECF;??). We are for real anyone who thinks otherwise is retarded