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    Default Melo - 3 team trade should be completed by next week

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    Looks like the 3 team mega deal is administratively complete and now NJ needs to convince Melo to sign the extension.
    Get a new owner!!!

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    Denver has waited this long, why wouldn't they wait until the trade deadline to pull the trigger on a deal. They should be patient and see if NY can pull off the Randolph for 1st round pick or Houston putting together a package of Kevin Martin, young assets and picks before they make a decision there is nothing significant about next week that they have to make a deal.

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    I think it's because they want to stick it to Melo by sending him to the Nets where they know he isn't winning anything anytime soon.

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    Should be completed by next week? Lol. This is all a continual wet dream for Jersey Boy fans and DEN management.

    This news doesn't change a thing. The one game breaker that plays to our benefit is and always has been Melo having the choice to say yes/no to extensions.

    If Melo tells DEN to suck themselves off a few days before deadline, what do they do? What do you do if you're them?

    Take Chandler, Fields, AR from us, or be disgraced and shamed on a huge scale and get nothing but fail by Melo coming to us as a FA.

    DEN has ultimate choice, yes. But it's that precise, finite choice if Melo does that.

    And all indications point there. We know where he wants to play, and there is only skepticism and zero positive trending that he will throw DEN a bone and go to NJ.

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