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    I watched the first three quarters last night. I didn't want to see the fourth because i was ashamed. Fatigue is not an option. The best offense on the league can't be shut down by Sacramento the way it did. Every player was doing the war on his own. There was no plan B. It was more than disappointing. It was awful.

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    Originally Posted by WillTheThrill
    Since I cant make a thread on here for some reason I am going to vent about not playing Anthony Randolph here. WHY ARE WE NOT PLAYING ANTHONY RANDOLPH AT ALL?We are playing a 8 player rotation,come on thats ridiculous. Randolph was a pretty good player with the Warriors and is a athletic freak. One of our problems right now is defense and I think Randolph would greatly help that. He is a good shot blocker and can get up there for the rebound. It is shocking to me that a guy like him is not even getting 10 minutes a game. Let me know what you guys think.

    One would think or believe a 22-16 Knick team playing at home (MSG)
    vs a 8-28 Sacremento Kings team with a 2-13 road record.....
    the Knicks headcoach would give both AR & Mozgov some decent
    playingtime minutes vs the Kings young bigmen to get these two
    bigmen intune for a role during midseason.
    Dantoni is an assistant-coach in the NBA.

    What Knick-Fans would be angry at a LOSS in MSG against the Kings if
    the Knicks tried to tune-up their two bigmen before midseason by giving
    Mozgov 18 minutes and AR 18 minutes of playingtime vs a Lottery Team?
    then the "EXCUSE" of the Knicks starters being Jet-Lag after the long road
    trip would be ledgit. The headcoach not witnessing the jet-lag and poor-
    performance of a 42 minutes Amare, and a 36 minutes Felton early in the
    game is ridiculous.
    I didnt see any Jet-Lag in Toney Douglas & Walker's combine 32 points
    hitting 13 out of 23 fga, 11 rbd, 2 ast, 2 stl.

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    Originally Posted by CoolClyde
    Knicks meet another big man, this time bench player Sam Dalembartsimpson, who puts the Knicks in their small man, small rotation place, swats them back to reality, and says: I Haiti-U New York!

    All this talk about how Knicks need a big man is BOGUS, because Antoni plays a small man squad in order to make best use of the SSOL, and have the offense run and gun, rather than play a half court offense AND defense. He's already got STUDadmire playing C, as he had DLEE playing last year, so the rest of the team can be fast and furious and hopefully shoot over 50% in order to score more than the other team. As we've seen in the past few losses, other teams that have big men, taller players, true centers, have taken advantage of the Knicks small ball; by clogging the paint, blocking shots, and having THEIR small men drive and thrive through a porous Knick D.

    So forget Anthony Randolph getting minutes, Turiaf is already breaking down, as is the rest of the team due to the 7-8 man rotation. This is what happens when you fly from west to east coast, you get jet lag, and your players who have played too many minutes to start with, can't get over the hump, and lose to one of the worst teams in the league. we've seen this with Cleveland, now Sacramento. Why did Jerome Jordan go to Europe to play instead of stick with Knicks? he knew, or his agent knew, he would get little to no run in an Antoni coached team.

    I know other KO members have called Darko garbage who didn't deserve to play, but he's thriving where the coach knows how to play a true center, and allows him to play the game of basketball the way it's meant to be played, as a defensive minded game.

    Will any true center really be playing as a true center on No D-Antoni coached team? that will mean STUD going back to PF, Gallo to SF, and either Chandler or Fields to the bench. think about it.

    back to this sh*tty played game. 13 blocks for the Kings. outrebounded 60 to 49! 60!!?? 32% shooting for Knicks!! 15 turnover and 13 assists!! horrid! Tony Chill coming out of his shell for 21 points, but only 1 assist? that's a Duhonism!! he's NOT a backup PG!! Kings had 22 turnovers, but did Knicks take advantage? nope. 0 points for Shawne Williams?! Turiaf 2 points and gone, a shame he's hurting... HORRIBLE game for Chandler!! he looked asleep out there! P.U.!!

    only bright spot was King STUD, our MVP and ASG rep. but the man can't do it alone. he's hurting as well, I just don't know if he's going to survive the season playing a load of minutes due to small rotation.

    Well, at least we have a Crazy 8s GT to look forward to, and hopefully Knicks can recoup. there's even talk of Gallo being back... whatever!!

    FLASH UPDATE: Melo still not traded!!

    Darko averages 5 rebounds a game...would not quite say he is thriving.

    we sucked tonight.....

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    D'antoni either wishes he was coaching in a 6"9' and under league, or he loved his time so much in Italy he wants to relive that era...

    But MD says all the time that he prefers to have other teams adjust to his style, as opposed to adjusting to the opponent. The major emphasis with MD is a small PF who stretches the floor along with a scoring PF playing as a center.

    The spacing means nothing when you don't hit your shots. Felton-Chandler-Amar'e were all off. No Gallo. Just as rare as it is when all four are scorching hot, we had a night when all four were ice cold.

    This is why NYK can lose to anybody on any given night.

    What can you do. Stinks EVANS returned for this game. Kings are young and big... SURE. But going big wouldn;t have mattered. Kings scored 93 points. Had the Knicks scored their normal 103 or something... We win that game.

    Chandler was 4-14. Amar'e was 6-22. Felton 2-15. In other words, our big 3 went 12-51. Toss in the 13 blocks and 15 turnovers, and you had one of the ugliest offensive games of the season.

    This loss up there with the loss to PHI at home; the road loss to CLE. It was ugly. You're going to have a few of these during the course of the 82-game season.

    Let's see how they respond Monday... then what they do on their 3-game road trip.

    They are 8-9 now since their brutal run of 21 games began. They still could finish 11-10.... 10-11 wont be something to cheer about.... but it wouldn't be worst case scenario either.

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