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You know why we lead the league in shot blocking? Because no one fears going to the basket on us. If you've noticed its a parade to the rim game after game. Teams are abusing us in the paint game after game. Giving up 107 pts a game is not a good defensive team no matter what offensive strategy you use...

well my moronic mental midget

you failed to recognize the purpose of this thread

it was the idea that we wont get a big man who plays defensive because mike WONT play them

I never said we were a great defensive team, or that mike was a great defensive coach,

read the thread title fool

I said that he will play defensive players

if we get marc gasol or marcus camby or another good shot blocking center

they will play

I just provided evidence that make isnt so cut and dry that if a guy cant shoot he wontplay them

youre talking about their defensive prowess , im talking about if we get defenders we will play them

sad part is we arent deep enough right now to play 48 mins of solid defense, because once 2 or 3 startes come out, we cant score any more, and then things get rattled


dont just respond on your own terms, when the purpose of the thread had nothing to do with whether we were a good defensive team or not

it had to do with whether or not mike will play defensive players

and I proved

he will.