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What do mean height means nothing?? Isn't that the point of Clydeandthepearl's bellyaching?

Secondly I was arguing a specific point w C&TP. He said Mike D doesn' play guys who are over 6'8''. All I did was post clear evidence that is not the case..

And you find fault w that?? SMH
wasnt a personal attack on u...anybody that claims size is what drives our coach is a fool..wheter its u or cylde...

all im sayin is that isnt gallo 6-10...our coach wont even use him as a PF.. where as a plyer like ben wallace is 6-8 nd was one of the best defensive centers for many years...

its a skill level ant u can be 7-1 like bargnani and still be best used as a 3-4

chandler is best suited for the 3..so is gallo

amare is best suited for the 4

its that simple

turiaf is a 5...

dirk is a 4

AR is mostly a 3, occasional 4

jefferies is a 3

there a difference between good straight up defenders turiaf and good weakside defender..which is what AR is

oh yeah and sghot blocking stats are misleading especially whe ur giving up so many points in the paint