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Point differential is all that matters most. I keep saying it in game threads when same ppl complain even after wins.

What we happen to score or what our opponent happens to score is arbitrary.

I wonder if it would get the same reaction if we had an extra-ordinary defensive system, and won games 85-80 much of the time, with a league-worst type of offense.

I don't think it would beget as much misunderstanding and conflict. Mainly bc there's an emotional nostalgia and ingrained sentiment in sports that defense is the always unsung hero and true seasoned sports fans know this.
I Concur, People have to realize that i this system all Stats are inflated. This system made Duhon and David Lee look like Malone and Stockton. I would just like to add this, I don't think our "defense" is horrible but rather it is our 22nd ranking in rebounding that must be addressed. Felton, Fields, Chandler Turiaf, Douglas, even Stat and Gallo have all shown they can play reasonable on the ball defense. While our post defense could improve, its our lack of rebounding that is hurting us the most. While AR and Mozgov could conceivably help us out on the boards they are just way to inexperienced and underdeveloped to see any meaningful minutes. While I am not the biggest fan of Gallo or Bill Walker, Shawne Williams. These guys at least are consistent enough in their roles that I wuld rather bite the bullet and play them over AR and Mozgov.

This is not D'Antoni's fault, he is just sticking to his teams strengths and has accepted that right now we are not going to be able to bang with the Lakers and Celtics with this team right now. I trust in Walsh to address this problem as his job is not just to please D'Antoni or sell tickets but to bring in the proper personal to win a championship.