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I know he has been very good for most of the year, but I am not that enthused about Felton. Amar'e and D'Antoni's system inflate his worth. He takes too many shots and other than to Amar'e he does not distribute the ball. For most of the year, his shooting percentage has been well above his career figures and I tend to trust career numbers after several years to current numbers. He is good, but he is not the third Musketeer. He is not in Amar'e's and Melo's class. I like Chandler better than Felton, but Chandler and Melo are both principally small forwards. I love Melo in theory but I am afraid Melo and his cost -- unless as a free agent -- is not going to make us a better "team."
I too am skeptical about Felton..

What happened to the idea of getting Paul eventually?

Will that not be possible due to our cap situation?

Somebody educate me pls.