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    Default Knicks vs Nets, Spree vs Scott

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    "It's not something I'd expect from a guy like him whose been through a lot in the NBA."
    Sprewell's remarks came after he helped the Knicks to a 102-95 win over Houston with five points in the last two minutes and a strip of Yao.
    Sprewell said he may approach Scott and ask him if he really said them.
    Before the trading deadline, the Nets coach was asked if he would have traded Keith Van Horn for Sprewell.

    any preds?
    imo nets win 97-90

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    105-76, that's really embarassing
    Prior to last week's trading deadline, Nets coach Byron Scott provided the enigmatic Sprewell with extra motivation after he said he would not want the Knicks swingman on his team because he lacked discipline.
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