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    Angry A) FIRE Dantoni!

    There is only one selection in the poll for the best Knicks solution.....
    A) Fire Dantoni

    I thought the Knicks vs Lakers game exposed all our weakness to the league,
    untill I watched the Houston Rockets run a 48 minute "Layup-Line" scoring
    close to 70 of their points in the paint.
    There is no single-player on the Knicks to blame for this type of mediocre
    performance from a team.
    In 2008-9 season we used a small-ball 6-man rotation.
    In 2009-10 we used a small-ball 7-man rotation.
    In 2010-11 we are using a small-ball 8-man rotation.

    Homework on competition
    The Miami Heat Big-3 are using a 9+man rotation with 11 of the players on
    their roster. In the beginning Lebron James did not understand this method
    of coaching, after 25 games of wear n tear through traveling playing 4 games
    in 6 days (plus injury to Haslem), Lebron James has big respect for this
    type of coaching method. Having 11 happy players in the
    lockerroom/practice/and ready to put out 100% effort on the court.

    The Knicks rebuilding process did not start at the firing of Isiah Thomas,
    nor did it start with the two lottery picks in 2008 & 9 (Gallo & Hill).
    The Knicks management waited untill the start of the 2010-11 regular season.
    The Knicks have a decent 9-man roster of role-players with the addition
    of an unstoppable star bigman in Amare, there is no reason why the Knicks
    doesn't (d-neg) put 9+ players on the court each game.

    After playing 41 games with a record of 22-19 (soon to be 22-21),
    how many 30 minute players does the Knicks have on their roster?
    4 players- Amare/Chandler/Fields/Felton
    How many players deserve 32+ minutes a game?
    2 players- Amare/Chandler
    How many players deserve from 8 to 28 minutes per game?
    7 players- Douglas/Walker/Gallo/S.Williams/AR/Turiaf/Mozgov

    In the Knicks 41 game schedule the headcoach already wore-out or
    worndown 5 of their top players using them in a 7+man rotation in a
    hectic 22 game road schedule having several back to back games.
    The funny part of it all is the headcoach wants these players to have
    a running offense... LOL

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    Are there any more Van Gundy's left to coach....Make Dant an offensive assistant. Best of both worlds. Bring in Carmelo and watch how the Van Gundy makes the Gov look like Mutumbo. Lesson learned Dantoni

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